Institutional grade insights are a key part of Portfolio Management
In addition to offering Volts and Circuits Friktion offers best-in-class Portfolio Analytics! We aim to deliver the best portfolio management experience across CeFi and DeFi with deep transparency, high-quality data.
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3 sections of Analytics page:

1. Volt Token Price & Asset Price/Strike

Volt token price - Volt Tokens (ex. fcSOL) represent the underlying value accrued within the Volt, normalized for the deposit asset. Read more here)
Asset price and strike - monitor spot price vs strike price in each Epoch

2. Strategy data

Summary, Trading Details, Key Information, Yield Data, Technical Details, and Risks.
Historical snapshots of deposits, CoinGecko price, and share price is taken multiple times per hour and stored here.

3. Volt Performance

For Volt#01 and #02:

  • Product: Asset, Strike, Expiry
  • Deposited: Total amount deposited in Epoch
  • Premium: Option premium collected (notional and % terms)
  • Return: Net Return after fees (no fees for negative return epochs). Note: return can only be calculated once an Epoch concludes.
  • Tx: Link to the transaction(s) which represent the options traded
The TVL component of this is displayed on DefiLlama.
If you are working on some interesting use of Friktion data or options data, please consider joining a Taskforce in the Discord server. A Taskforce is a group of individuals potentially interested in working on or collaborating on research projects. For more info, see the Friktion Taskforces page.
We are always looking for more ideas in things to add. If you have any suggestions, please recommend them in the Discord server in the #analytics-suggestion channel.