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Full-stack portfolio management built to perform across market cycles

DeFi powered, risk-adjusted return generation strategies for DAOs, individuals, and traditional institutions. Permissionless access to institutional grade structured products and risk management.
Volts are Friktion's native portfolio strategies. Circuits provides on-demand portfolio management for DAO Treasuries, creating custom risk frameworks and Volts which provide volatility protection and returns in turbulent markets.
Why Solana? DeFi on Solana has a distinct advantage of high throughput (tps) at low transaction costs, fast settlement times, which makes it a natural fit for a variety of financial primitives comprising a majority of notional trading volume in conventional markets. In addition, the rate of developer innovation is inspiring and we believe only a glimpse of what is to come.


Our core contributors came together from working in proprietary trading and quantitative research firms (commodities, treasuries, volatility products, crypto assets), full-stack blockchain engineering, monetary policy, and UI/UX design. We've been building together since 2017.
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Why are we working on this?

  • We believe decentralized structured products and risk-adjusted yield strategies are critical to unlock the potential of DeFi. Having been deeply engrained within these systems in TradFi, we want to unbundle structures and strategies to allow DAOs customized risk management.
  • DeFi is growing at an unprecedented rate, creating thousands of new projects, assets, and communities. The average existing DeFi user chases yield, largely in units of native token, while taking on various risks. To perform this optimally requires an infinite supply of time and energy in identifying new farms, constructing a portfolio, and actively manage risks (such as correlation, price, and leverage).
  • TradFi is NGMI


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