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Your home for full-stack portfolio management built to perform across market cycles

Risk-adjusted return strategies for DAOs, individuals, and traditional institutions.
Volts are Friktion's native portfolio strategies. Users select Volts based on their risk appetites, deposit assets, and generate passive returns. Circuits is the custom risk framework used for DAO Treasuries portfolio management.
With Friktion, you can build a portfolio which generates returns in bull, bear, and crab markets. Use Volts to express directional views or passively allocate into market-neutral strategies.
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Multi-chain DeFi portfolio management

We firmly believe in a multi-chain future, recently going live with ETH & AVAX deposits via Wormhole. All crypto users deserve access to simple yet effective portfolio management without requiring excessive time or expertise!
Solana: Friktion's homebase. Offers high throughput (tps), low fees, and a popular orderbook primitive, making it a natural fit for a variety of financial primitives. Supports 35 products and all 4 strategies!
Ethereum: Recently added ability to deposit ETH directly from your ETH wallet to Volt #1.
Avalanche: Recently added ability to deposit ETH directly from your ETH wallet to Volt #1.
To see Friktion's latest updates regarding cross-chain expansion, check out our Medium


Our core contributors came together from working in proprietary trading and quantitative research firms (commodities, treasuries, volatility products, crypto assets), full-stack blockchain engineering, monetary policy, and UI/UX design. We've been building together since 2017.
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