Why Friktion?

Integrate with Friktion to:
  • Build a UI over existing volts, allowing crypto users to invest their assets
  • Create your own volts and manage the rebalancing process
  • Deposit or withdraw programmatically to DCA into a volt
  • Track historical strategy performance

Program Addresses

These can be found here.

Friktion SDK

We provide a typescript-based Friktion SDK to interact with the volt program off-chain. This allows integrators to create their own volts, call any Friktion supported instruction, and easily calculate statistics about existing volts. See examples
Note: Friktion recently introduced breaking changes to the SDK with 2.0.*.

Rust ABI

We also provide a Rust Friktion ABI for program integrations via CPI calls. See examples

Test Volts

Please see the Live Volts page for details on VoltVault account addresses

Friktion's Open-Sourced UI

Learn how our UI interacts with Solana here!

Developer Support

For 1-on-1 direct support please join the #developers channel in our discord:
We'd love to partner! DM @jasonchitla and @zlexicon on telegram to work something out :).