Open-Sourced UI

Dive into our open-source frontend and learn how our UI interacts with Solana!

Objective: focus here is on Solana specific code and not so much on react or css

**Note: If you are looking to integrate Friktion with your protocol, go here instead!

Getting Started

Download the repo here:

Ok, let's dive in.

An important concept this UI uses is a waterfall style data flow. As many UI components have dependencies such as price of assets, user deposit info, and Volt specific data, we need a way to propagate this data based on dependency.

Context: MarkPrices10
  Fetches the mark price for all assets in the registry
  Dependencies: none

Context: SubvoltLoader10
  Loads all subvolt data for all subvolts
  Returns {
    allLoaded: boolean,
    subvoltData: Record<GlobalId, Subvolt1Data | null>
  Soft dependencies:
   - MarkPrices10: If markPrices10 is loaded, will calculate and return the info in Subvolt1Data

Context: UserDeposits10
  Loads deposit information for all subvolts for the connected user
  Returns {
    allLoaded: boolean,
    depositsForUser: Record<GlobalId, Subvolt1Data | null>
    - SubvoltLoader10 (the dependency is due to voltVaultData being loaded)
    - useConnectedWallet

↳ SubvoltLoader10
  ↳ UserDeposits10
    ↳ useCards
      ↳ React components

More Important files

registry10.tsx - Contains important metadata

AppProviders.tsx - View all the providers as well as see how we use @solana/wallet-adapter-wallets

EvilTwinSisterOfVFAC.tsx - UserDeposits10.tsx actually depends on this file for depositedForAssets and vaultsForAssets

OwnedTokenAccounts.tsx - Load connected wallet's tokens

transactionHandler.ts - Where the actual use of Friktion's SDK is to deposit/withdraw/etc

Important Patterns

You will notice AsyncButton09 includes goodies object which is what those functions in transactionHandler.ts require to perform a transaction.

Sail is a React library for Solana account management and transaction handling. You can also see the use of sail when fetching Volt data in SubvoltLoader10.tsx

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