• Initialize
    • Creates a covered call or protected put volt. Accepts parameters specifying target expiry (within a small epsilon), target underlying amount per contract, underlying asset mint, and quote asset mint.
  • Start Round
    • Begins the new epoch, resetting the FSM and initializing epoch-specific accounts.
  • Set Next Option
    • Pass raw AccountInfo pointing to an option market from one of the supported protocols
    • Choose the strike for the option on a given epoch
  • Rebalance Prepare
    • Deposits collateral in options protocol, mints tokens representing option.
  • Reset Option
    • Resets the option, allows the volt to set and mint a new one. Only works if the previous option had not been sold to the highest bidder yet
  • Init Serum Market
    • Initializes a permissioned serum market via volt-specific PDAs, and passes in the previously set auction parameters.
  • Rebalance Enter
    • Sells the minted option token to best bid
  • Rebalance Settle
    • Settles the current options, reclaims collateral from the options protocol being used, and aggregates user assets into a single token account.
  • End Round
    • Ends the current epoch, mints volt tokens for processed depositors, retrieves underlying asset for processed withdrawals.
  • Bypass Settlement
    • Skips the settlement process if not necessary, such as if the volt was running an alternative strategy in a given week.