Friktion Taskforces
Interested in building with the DAO? Start here!
Many individuals and projects have recently engaged the core team on how they can integrate with Friktion products as they launch and offer them to a growing number of DeFi users.
Taskforces provide the formula and resources for this to minimize the barrier to entry for individuals and teams looking to integrate with Friktion.

Taskforce Proposal Process

Share in the format below as much as you can about what you would like to build.
We're working on setting up a Forum to formalize these discussions, but for now please join the #taskforces channel in Discord!
Included is an Example of what a proposal would look like for Raydium.
  1. 1.
    Background – what are you interested in building? how far along is your idea? how's your team?
    Example: Raydium's constant product liquidity pools wear the risks of impermanent loss, meaning if a depositor of RAY-USDC loses money as price of RAY/USDC fluctuate
  2. 2.
    Collaboration – where, specifically, would you like to partner with the FriktionDAO to build on or integrate with our Volts?
    Example: Raydium seeks to provide Liquidity Providers (LPs) the ability to hedge exposure to impermanent loss through a Friktion Volt.
  3. 3.
    Value creation – how can this partnership benefit your community and what can we do to help?
    Example: Raydium LPs will be protected from price risk by being able to deposit their LP tokens in a Friktion Volt while still earning yields from Raydium pools
  4. 4.
    Resources – What grants, development or product resources do you currently have and which are you seeking? How will they be deployed?
    Example: Raydium developers are comfortable with Solana dev environment but will need help understanding Volt architecture and plugging into the codebase to spin up multiple assets in Volts. Raydium team would provide RAY grants for Friktion DAO contributors who would build and deploy this integration.

Potential Taskforce Ideas

  • Quantitative Research – build and publish open-source analytical or numerical tools, simulations to model and backtest Volt design optimizations, and provide performance improvements.
    • Funded by grants!
  • Community Education – partner with our derivative primitives to publish and maintain an open-source ELI5 style guide for Solana.
    • Funded by grants!
  • Macro-tokenomics – group of community participants interested in helping design, implement, and iterate on FRK token.
    • Funded by grants!
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