NFT: Lightning OG
Lightning OGs are Friktion's collection of 2,222 commemorative NFTs. Lightning OGs who received the airdrop have been with the project from the very beginning, giving feedback while we were on devnet.
Friktion's earliest users were airdropped 2,016 NFTs (completely free) as a symbol of their value to the Friktion ecosystem.. The remaining 206 were kept in the Treasury wallet to be distributed for grant proposals and marketing campaigns.
Lightning OG NFTs


  • Discord role (Genesis Wielder)
    • This unlocks a set of channels full of alpha on Friktion products, market insights, and quantitative trading
  • Early and exclusive access to new Friktion portfolio management features
  • Access to Friktion's market research and alpha generation analytics dashboards
  • Booster for potential token/NFT airdrops


Q: Where can I get a Lightning OG?
A: You can acquire a Lightning OG NFT by:
  • Purchase on secondary markets on Magic Eden!
  • Participating in community events
  • Completing coding bounties to contribute to the Friktion ecosystem
  • Being a helpful and positive community member
Q: How do I get the Lightning OG discord role?
A: Lightning OG roles are only given to Friktion's early devnet beta testers!