Portfolio & Performance tracking

Your Portfolio

Once deposited, you can view your all your positions in the Your Portfolio section (located below the strategies) to see your deposits (status) and returns generated. If you have ideas (UIUX) on how we can better build better Portfolio tracking, drop a message in Discord #feature-request!
Your Portfolio

Volt Performance

Friktion has the following data available for Volt#01 and #02.
  • Product : Asset, Strike, Expiry
  • Deposited: Total amount deposited in Epoch
  • Premium: Option premium collected (notional and % terms)
  • Return: Net Return after fees (no fees for negative return epochs). Note: return can only be calculated once an Epoch concludes.
  • Tx: Link to the transaction(s) which represent the options traded
If you have any recommendations for further data to be displayed please share them in the #feature-request channel in our Discord!
Use the hovers (i) for more information about the fields. Example shown below: